State Government Funded Apprenticeships and Traineeships

New South Wales


Australian Capital Territory

Masters in Building Training (MIBT) is recognised as a preferred training provider for funded state government apprenticeship training across Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Queensland
In NSW MIBT apprenticeships and traineeships courses are subsidised  by the NSW Government Smart & Skilled program.
In QLD MIBT apprenticeship and traineeship courses are subsidised by the Queensland User Choice program.
In the ACT MIBT apprenticeship and traineeship courses are subsidised by the ACT Government User Choice program.

An apprenticeship provides a structured training plan and program for new entrants to the building and construction industry and can help existing workers complete their formal training under an adult apprenticeship.
Using MIBT’s online learning system blended (which is most compatible with the Google Chrome browser) with workplace-based training and assessment, apprentices can study online and complete lessons on the job-site, saving employers time and money! Our high quality multi-media lessons can be streamed directly to your computer (so long as you have a working webcam), tablet or smart-phone, allowing you to complete the practical tasks when and where it suits you.

We offer funded apprenticeships in the following qualifications:

We also offer funded traineeships in the following qualifications:

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