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10 apprentice brickies ready to hire in Queensland now . . . with $11,000 in subsidies for each one!

Employers now receive $11,000 to engage a bricklaying apprentice, plus the apprentice receives a $2,000 incentive as well as over $20,000 in “loan” funds available to assist an apprentice with everyday costs while they complete their apprenticeship. MIBT has 10 bricklaying apprenticeship candidates ready to start in Queensland now, if you are looking to develop your team.

We all know we need more skilled tradespeople. A bricklaying apprenticeship is a tough gig, but it attracts strong, independent people that aren’t afraid of hard work. Sure, not everyone can cut it, but that is true of any worker.

If you are a builder or a bricklayer, it is important to think about the best way to develop a quality team. Sure, there are plenty of brickies that started as a labourer and then applied for RPL skills transfer after a few years.

However, doing an apprenticeship builds real knowledge into the qualification. Bricklaying is a primary structural trade. That is why, along with carpentry, it is recognised as a core pathway for gaining a builder’s licence. The theory and technical knowledge that is gained through an apprenticeship, is important to ensure high standard, top-quality trade skills are being added to your team and the industry.

The $20,000 in government support provided to apprentices, means that in the first year an apprentice will receive over $690 per month to top up their wages. The money is provided as a loan, but they only have to pay back 80% of it if they finish their qualification and it is paid back with their tax over several years, once they are earning good money.

Masters in Building Training (MIBT) have apprenticeship training placements ready to go, right now. They offer continuous enrolment, which means you don’t have to wait to get started. Best of all, the trainers come to you. They are all qualified builders and bricklayers. Apprentices study online. The trainer works with them through each unit, with tasks and assignments assessed face-to-face, on site. Any elements of the course that are not covered day-to-day on the job are trained and assessed in a simulated work environment.

With MIBT’s blended training model, you don’t lose your worker for a day every week. Wet weather days and gaps between jobs can be used for online study time which makes apprenticeship training so much more efficient.

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NOTE: The Federal Government doubled the employer benefit from $4,000 to $8,000 in the current budget, so that should mean, together with the $3,000 Brickstart Subsidy, the total benefit for bricklaying apprenticeships is now $11,000!
Article by: Rob Keogh 3 April 2019

Qualification: CPC30111 – Certificate III in Bricklaying/Blocklaying

NEWS ARTICLE LINK: Employers who take on apprentices in areas of need are being offered incentives worth $8000 per placement, which is double the amount they are currently offered.


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