The truth for most tradies and builders is that you are your business.

This is a benefit, in that you have the freedom to set your own structures and contracts to shape the way you want to operate exactly how you want.

It is also a challenge, because being great at your trade, isn’t the same as being great at business. There is a lot to handle and a great deal of administrative, employment, WHS, taxation, contractual, financial and building code compliance responsibility. We all know this and we battle on doing the best we can.

Every year, the legacy of MIBT’s graduate students grows with more qualified trades and licensed builders expanding their reach and developing their business. MIBT is keen to keen to maintain the quality support standards they set for their alumni, by continuing to provide ongoing access to a strong network of resources for building trades business operators. A key part of the strategy is to develop their partnership with the Australasian Association of Builders (AAB)

The resources for this structure is growing. Here are some links to pages and partners that might be able to help you right now. If you need further or more specific support, please feel free to speak directly to Dean Edser at the AAB (0432 513109), or Paul Lawrence at MIBT (0419 449 119).

Find information here on:

  • Employing an Apprentice
  • Marketing Advice
  • Starting a Business
  • Getting Paid
  • Industrial Relations
  • Dispute Resolution and Contracts
  • Insurance
  • Business Coaching
  • Indigenous Entrepreneurship