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CPC40110 – Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)

Course Outline
The Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) qualification is designed to meet the needs of individuals requiring a building industry licence.

The course provides you with the technical and management skills to become a builder and meets the needs of builders and managers of small to medium-sized building businesses. Building contractor licensing vary between States and Territories and additional elements may be required to attain this qualification.

The course program has 16 units of competency comprised of 13 core units and 3 elective units (which have been pre-selected by Masters in Building Training (MIBT) for licencing purposes). The training and assessment for this course must be undertaken in a real or closely simulated workplace environment. You will need to be working in the building and construction industry on a worksite to be able to learn and demonstrate competency.

Lessons are presented online, on-site, face-to-face or a blended mode of delivery by Australia’s leading professional building trainers, who each have many years of experience as successful building contractors. Our experienced trainers will assist you with a program that covers all aspects of low and medium rise building to ensure you become a successful building professional.

Training Calendar:
Please click here to view CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (building) MIBT Training Calendar

Description of MIBT Training Events

Quality Training
MIBT's education group are experts from the building and construction industry. We offer online, on-site, face-to-face or a blended mode of training and assessment delivery that supports your needs, time restraints and current workplace activities.

All MIBT trainers and assessors are currently qualified building and training professionals that are committed to providing quality outcomes for our students, their employers and the people that live in the homes or occupy the buildings, created through their work, skills and accumulated knowledge.

Funding Programs
MIBT offers funding options for trainees and full course students in the Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) course. Generous fee subsidies are available through most State and Territory Governments including QLD and the ACT - subject to eligibility requirements. MIBT also offer a monthly payment plan to cover student contributions.

Qualification Cost

Fee for service

$9,690.00 full qualification fee (GST exempt)

  • $500 – this is a non-refundable pre-enrolment fee payable before we accept you as a student.

  • $995 - once we accept your enrolment which completes the Enrolment Fee of $1,495.

  • $750 – each calendar month thereafter until fully paid. The final payment will vary to equal the balance of the qualification cost.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

$6,500.00 RPL full qualification fee (GST exempt)

Where you are not successful in RPL for one or more units, MIBT will quote a fee to undertake those units under standard training and assessment mode.

Full qualification RPL is only available to experienced workers with a minimum 3 years’ experience in your chosen qualification. RPL must be completed within 13 weeks and you must be able to supply evidence fully inline with the workplace activity list for each unit on at least 2 different worksites.

Additional fees

As part of your MIBT enrolment you will be required to capture photo and video evidence of your onsite skills and experience, these are known as Workplace Activity (WPA) entries.

MIBT’s course structure is designed to have your qualified supervisor (QS) providing the necessary opportunities for you to practice your skills onsite. WPA entries are to be gathered by you with the assistance of your QS and or workmates. It is not MIBTs responsibility to collect WPAs rather, assess them to ensure compliance with the unit of competency requirements.

MIBT is aware that there may be occasions where your QS and or workmates may not be able to assist you in gathering WPA entries and therefore MIBT can provide this service for a fee of $150 (plus GST) per session.


Students living and or working in NSW are not able to access Smart and Skilled funding through MIBT however we are nationally registered to train you under a Fee for Service arrangement. Refer to the Fee for Service details above.

Fee for Service

Refer to the Fee for Service details above.

Apprentice/trainee funding

State funding is not available for this qualification.

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ)

$9,690.00 full qualification fee (GST exempt)

CSQ Provider Logo

CSQ is an independent, not-for-profit, industry-funded body supporting employers, workers, apprentices, trainees and career seekers in the building and construction industry in Queensland.

Students who are an eligible participant (see below) and enrol in this qualification before 30/9/2022 and are deemed to be competent in all requirements of this qualification prior to 30/9/2023 may be eligible for funding support from CSQ (paid to MIBT) for up to $5,670.00.

The student contribution fee for this qualification for an eligible participant would be the full qualification fee minus the CSQ funding support.

In the event that an eligible participant commences units of competency but does not complete the unit or complete within the CSQ funding support timeframes, the student will be invoiced for those units equal to the CSQ scheduled per unit funding amount.

If this qualification is undertaken as RPL then any CSQ funding support would be paid at 50% of the figure previously mentioned.

Eligible Participant means:

(a) a Participant who has the right to work in Australia and is an Eligible Worker or Unemployed Eligible Worker in Queensland.

Note: for this Program, an Eligible Worker can include relevant clerical, administration and professional staff whose Employer is part of the Building and Construction Industry.


(b) if an Apprentice or Trainee, Participants must have completed at least 50% of their Registered Training Plan for their Apprenticeship or Traineeship.


(c) an Employee of an Authority (Employees of Local Councils are acceptable);

(d) currently enrolled and participating in a Queensland secondary school program (school based Apprentices or Trainees are acceptable);

(e) a contracted trainer or assessor or existing worker of an RTO;

(f) funded by an Authority or such other source for delivery of the same Training being undertaken as part of this Program;

(g) those Participants seeking a Verification of Competency (or Determination of Competency) services under this Agreement.

See the Additional fees section above which describes associated services offered by MIBT if required. These fees would be invoiced directly to your employer if utilised.

Fee for Service

Refer to the Fee for Service details above.

Apprentice/trainee funding

State funding is available for eligible apprentices or trainees for this qualification under the Skills Canberra User Choice program.

ACT Gov – supported by Logo

Student contribution fee: $2,750.00 (GST exempt)


To be eligible for an ACT training contract, you must:

  • work in the ACT, and
  • be at least 15 years of age, and
  • be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or New Zealand passport holder resident for more than 6 months, or
  • an eligible visa holder, and
  • receive remuneration for your work, and
  • complete a minimum of 15 hours combined work and training per week, and
  • undertake this qualification with MIBT
  • have the required supervision in the workplace for an Australian Apprentice.

See the Additional fees section above which describes associated services offered by MIBT if required. These fees would be invoiced directly to your employer if utilised.

Fee concessions may be available for eligible students who hold a current health care card or pension card, or who can prove genuine hardship.

If you are under 18 years of age this rule will apply if your parent/guardian holds one of the above cards. Fee exemptions may apply if you are changing RTOs or recommencing your apprenticeship with a different employer within a 12 month period and having MIBT as your RTO for both employers (only applies for the second enrolment). Call MIBT on 1300 642 457 to discuss if you believe you meet either of these fee assistance options.

16 units of competency is required for award of this qualification:

  • 13 core units
  • 3 elective units


Core units (13)

CPCCBC4001AApply building codes and standards to the construction process for low rise building projects
CPCCBC4002AManage occupational health and safety in the building and construction workplace
CPCCBC4003ASelect and prepare a construction contract
CPCCBC4004AIdentify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects
CPCCBC4005AProduce labour and material schedules for ordering
CPCCBC4006BSelect, procure and store construction materials for low rise projects
CPCCBC4007APlan building or construction work
CPCCBC4008BConduct on-site supervision of building and construction projects
CPCCBC4009BApply legal requirements to building and construction projects
CPCCBC4010BApply structural principles to residential low rise constructions
CPCCBC4011BApply structural principles to commercial low rise constructions
CPCCBC4012BRead and interpret plans and specifications
BSBSMB406AManage small business finances


Elective units (3) – Pre-selected for licensing purposes

CPCCBC4018AApply site surveys and set-out procedures to building and construction projects
CPCCBC4024AResolve business disputes
CPCCBC4013APrepare and evaluate tender documentation



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