Five gadgets all tradies should own

As a tradie, you must be prepared for anything and these 5 cool accessories will make a hard day at the office just a little bit easier.


  1. Augmented Reality Laser Measuring Tool

You may never put away the tape measure for good, but this tool can bring your perception of the sizes and dimensions you are working with into the 21st Century. It is an augmented reality (AR) laser measuring tool that attaches to your phone. It uses AR technology to provide distances and the dimensions of objects in real time.

We recommend: ARRIM Augmented Reality Laser measuring Tool




  1. Portable Phone Charger

Phones are an essential part of the toolbox for the modern tradie and missing an important call could cost you a cashie. You don’t want to be the gumbie on sight who has to go around asking for a charger for a Samsung. Be prepared and never run out of juice on the go with a portable phone charger. You won’t even have to steal the last power outlet and can keep the phone on hand so you don’t miss a beat.

We recommend: Cignett 10W 8000 maH Power Bank



  1. Heavy Duty Phone case

Phones are expensive and the site can be a dangerous place for it, so you are going to want to use protection. A sturdy phone case can protect it from the elements as well as the hands of the clumsy. You’ll want something that can withstand dust, water, sweat, falls and tears so you can still take that important ‘gram when needed.

We recommend: Lifeproof Case



  1. Bluetooth Earmuffs

Sick of the old blokes blasting Triple M on site? Choose your own tunes and answer calls with wireless Bluetooth earmuffs. These also keep the WHS officer off your back as they are still rated for exposure to loud sounds. Note: be sure to check the rating needed for your site.

We recommend: Tactix Bluetooth Earmuffs




  1. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

 You’ll need a speaker that can take a beating and your typical ones just won’t cut it. Get something made for tradies that is water and dust resistant. These speakers are IP64 rated, so they can do the job. (see also: Decoding IP Ratings: What the numbers mean)

We recommend: Makita LXT 14.4/18V Portable Bluetooth Speaker


article by Riley Keogh 15 March 2019