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It is time you got your trade qualifications in place so that your skills can be recognised.

Masters in Building Training (MIBT) offers full recognition of prior learning (RPL) as well as a blended training model, to meet the requirements necessary for a building licence across all states of Australia.
Without government funding, a Diploma in Building and Construction course can cost over $17,000. Certificate III trade courses typically cost around $13,000. State governments however, provide subsidies to recognised training organisations, to deliver skills training to support industry growth. Depending on which state you are in and what training you may have received, trade certificate qualification courses only require a student contribution of between $1,220 and $2,990.

MIBT trainers come to you to assess your skills, capture evidence of prior learning and train you in any aspects of the course necessary, to gain your full trade qualifications. You pay just $500 on enrolment and a further $500 on assessment. The balance can be paid by authorised monthly credit card deductions over a few months.

MIBT offers building trade qualifications for building licensing and skills recognition across all states of Australia.

If you already have the skills and a qualified builder or contractor to sign off on your work, then MIBT's RPL assessment process is quick and simple. MIBT offers full qualifications assessment in the following courses to gain or extend your builders licence:

We also offer full qualifications training with RPL in the following trade qualifications:

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What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), is an experience, knowledge and skill assessment process that allows you to attain a nationally-recognised trade qualification, based on the skills and knowledge you have gained through your previous experience in the building industry.

  • RPL ensures your previous work experience, knowledge and skills are formally recognised.
  • RPL minimises the need for formal training or instruction in areas that you already demonstrate competency.
  • RPL reduces the amount of time it takes you to secure a full and recognised qualification.

Am I eligible for RPL?

The core requirement is that you must have worked in the building industry for at least two to three years, under the supervision of a qualified builder or contractor. This applies regardless of whether your training or experience was developed in Australia or abroad. To be successful, you need to be able to provide evidence of the skills and knowledge you have gained. If you have previously started a course, you may receive credits for any completed units, even if you didn’t finish the course.

How does the RPL Assessment Process work?

You will need to put together your portfolio of evidence, detailing your existing skills and experience. This will need to be confirmed and signed off, by a qualified builder or contractor that supervised you during the period you developed your building skills. Your MIBT trainer/assessor will review your work experience and then arrange a meeting with you, to fully assess your credentials for qualification. Any gaps can be covered by online study and work-place based training and assessment. Simply call MIBT now on 1300 642 457 to discuss your specific needs.

What else do I need to know?

You will be assigned a qualified trainer/assessor who will support you through the the RPL process. Recognition of Prior Learning assessments are evidence-based. You must be able to provide evidence of your skills and knowledge for an assessor to deem you ‘competent’. If you don’t already have all the skills you need, your MIBT trainer will work with you through the learning and work based assessment units you need to complete. Enrolling as a RPL candidate doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be successful in your application for skills recognition, nor does it automatically qualify you for your building licence.


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