Terms and Conditions

Fees and Refund Policy

This policy/procedure provides all students information on the ability to apply for a refund of tuition fees in certain circumstances.
The following policy ensures all students are treated fairly and with integrity when applying for refunds. All refund applications are to be submitted to Senior Management.


This policy/procedures applies to all fees and refunds applicable to Fee for service qualifications, skill sets, units or other training programs


It is the policy of Masters in Building Training to have fair and reasonable financial dealings with all clients and students.
In the event of bookings being made and fees paid in advance, it is the policy of Masters in Building Training:

  • To protect fees pain in advance by collecting no more than $1000.00 for course fees in advance prior to commencement of training and no more than $1500.00 at any given time during the progress of the course to the total of the course costs;
  • To clearly identify the amount applicable for tuition and materials fees and timeframes for payments;
  • That the Financial Controller or their delegate is/are the delegates(s) for authorisation of refund of fees;
  • In the event that a request for refund is applied for monies paid in advance for items other than tuition fees financial delegation for such refund lies solely with the Financial Controller or their delegate. Refund of monies cannot be made without the express approved of the Financial Controller;
  • Masters in Building Training reserves the right to withhold Certification documents until all applicable fees are received.
Replacement of Parchments/Testamurs

A fee of $25.00 for an original parchment
Please note that request for parchments  that date back a number of years may entail a higher cost.

Payment of Fees

Fees for courses of $1000.00 or less are to be paid a minimum of 7 days prior to commencement. Under special circumstances special payments arrangements may be negotiated.
An invoice for payment is issued at the time of enrolment. Formal acknowledgement of receipt of payment will be provided to the students within 7 days of funds clearing.

Inability to commence Course

If unable to attend a course candidates are entitled to either:

  • Nominate a suitable substitute attendee to the course, or
  • On one occasion where due notice of 7 days has been given defer participation to the next commencement of the same course
Refund of Fees Received
Early Departure

If a learner leaves prior to completion of the course they will be refunded the amount of money that was paid in advance but not expended. A refund statement will be provided. Refunds will only be made to the person or entity who made the original payment.

Learner Cancellation

Where cancellations are notified 14 days or more prior to the course commencement all course fees will be refunded. Funded training qualifications will be subject to funding contract cancellation terms and conditions, please request this information from MIBT.

Where cancellations are notified less than 14 day prior to course commencement course fees less the expended moneys for materials and consumables will be refunded.

Failure to notify of absence will result in the full fee for the days, including for materials and consumables, being charged.

Failure to notify of non-commencement will result in the full course fee being payable.

Circumstances such as illness and traumatic events will be considered as Exceptional Circumstances for refund purposes. Learners will be required to provide evidence to support claims of exceptional circumstance eg Illness and accident – (Doctor’s certificate) or family crisis.

Masters in Building Training Cancellations

Programs may be cancelled due to low registrations or other reasons which are out of the control of Masters in Building Training. Reasonable notice of cancellation including an offer to transfer to another program within 6 weeks of the original course will be given to students. If Masters in Building Training cannot honour the transfer within the six (6) week period and the participant prefers, Masters in Building Training will refund the full payment made in advance.

Please note that neither this policy, the complaints or the appeals processes do not remove the right of the student to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.