Are you a well-qualified energy or home sustainability assessor? Would you be interested in delivering assessments using the Victorian Government’s new tool, the Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard?

From April 2018 there will be a major expansion in availability of the Scorecard. We are now seeking applications from assessors who want to be part of this expansion. This opportunity is ideal for people with existing experience and skills in home sustainability assessment.

To support quality, and protect consumers, only Accredited Assessors can deliver Scorecard assessments.

Before applying to become a Scorecard assessor, please consider if you have the required skills and experience.

If you want to become an assessor and lack the required skills, you will need to undertake training or gain experience in the field. Find out more about required qualifications

All assessors must have completed CPPHSA4005A Minimise health, safety and security risks when assessing home sustainability.

Cost: $470

Duration: 8 – 20 hours

Availability: On-line and on-site. Applicants must have a lap-top, PC or device with internet connection and web-cam.